Our Marine Cargo Insurance is tailored to protect your wealth in this ‘Boundary-less Business’ environment. It provides protection against loss or damage to goods in transit by most modes of transport, including sea, road, rail and air. The cover is based on internationally accepted Institute Cargo Clauses which are uniformly used in global markets. Three types of coverage are offered for such transit:

  • All Risk – Institute Cargo Clause “A” (Cargo)
  • Basic Cover – Institute Cargo Clause “B” (Cargo)
  • Restricted Cover – Fire – Institute Cargo Clause “C” (Cargo)

These could be issued as either Marine Open Policies, suitable for frequent importers or Single Cargo Policies for single shipment customers.

Principal Areas of coverage

  • Perils of the sea - any type of incident of contingent accidents or casualties at the sea in course of the voyage e.g. sea storm, sea pirates, tsunami and accidents of any kind.
  • Assailing thieves.
  • Barratry - wrongful act willfully committed by the master or crew to the prejudice of the owner without the connivance of the owner.
  • Land risks – Upon request, the cargo can be insured right from the godown of the exporting country to the godown of the importing country against any risk of loss.
  • Jettison – Intentional throwing overboard of the ship’s cargo, material, or stores in time of peril, for the common safety of the ship and her cargo.
  • Fire, lighting and earthquake.
  • All other like perils.

Please note that due to local government regulations, you can only book this product online. Click HERE to buy your marine cover.

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