The Anticipated Plan

The endowment plan that includes life cover

Even though we don’t know where life is going to take us, we need to make provisions for the future. With an anticipated endowment plan you can invest your money with the knowledge that when your policy matures you will reap rewards. In the unfortunate event of your demise, your loved ones will still be taken care of.

The plan is bonus-earning and bonuses will be added to the sum assured (the guaranteed payout amount) every year and paid out when the policy matures.

Should you pass away, subsequent premiums will be waived and the policy will continue to earn bonuses until maturity date.

More benefits:

Partial Payouts

This unique feature pays out 20% of the sum assured, twice within the term of the policy. For instance, on a 10-year policy you would for instance receive a 20% payout in year 3, and another 20% payout in year 6. The remaining 60% of the sum assured plus all accrued bonuses are paid out at maturity.

Policy Loan

As soon as you’ve had your policy for 3 years, you would be able to take out a policy loan. This would be done with minimum formalities and could come in very handy when times are tough. The loan would be repayable at a modest rate of interest.

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