We’re proud of our heritage. Our roots as the Lion of Kenya Insurance Company can be traced to the very beginnings of Kenya’s insurance industry back in 1895, when Smith Mackenzie & Company were appointed as the agents of the Royal Exchange Insurance Company. The agency eventually evolved into a Royal Exchange branch which later merged with Guardian Assurance, Atlas Assurance, Caledonian Insurance, Employers Liability Assurance and Commercial Union, among others, to form Guardian Royal Exchange and Commercial Union. 

In 1978, these groups were converted into a local company, Lion of Kenya Insurance Company Limited, with operations in Nairobi, Mombasa and Eldoret. We also invested in our subsidiary in Tanzania, LION of Tanzania Insurance Company Limited, which was a joint venture with the Tanzania Development Finance Company.

Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA) was established in 1964 by Eagle Star Insurance Company and Welfare Insurance Company from the UK, as well as the New Zealand Insurance Company. In 1976, the company’s foreign shareholders sold their interests to a group of pioneering local investors, making ICEA the first major locally owned insurance company. 

They soon emerged as one of the largest insurers in the region and also established a fund management subsidiary (ICEA LION Asset Management Limited Kenya and ICEA Asset Management Limited Uganda), as well as a trusteeship/scheme Administration (ICEA Trustee Services Limited in Kenya). 

In 2011 we merged as Lion of Kenya Insurance Company Limited and Insurance Company of East Africa (ICEA) along with our subsidiaries in Uganda and Tanzania to become ICEA LION Group.  In Tanzania, Lion of Tanzania was renamed ICEA LION General Insurance.

In 2014, ICEA Uganda devolved into 3 specialized businesses to not only allow each enterprise to focus on its core competence, but more importantly to ensure we can serve the market, with its dynamic and divergent needs even better.. The 3 companies that form ICEA Group in Uganda include ICEA General Insurance, ICEA Life Assurance and ICEA Asset Management.

Combined we offer innovative financial products and services across East Africa.

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